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We are Kohoutek!

We are the first restaurant in Czech republic to bring young rooster - an Italian specialty. Kohoutek is also a concept store restaurant - all items you see inside is available to purchase. Online shop is coming soon.

It’s our mission to serve only the best quality Italian cockerel.

Give it a taste and let us know what you think!

It's cockerel, not a chicken

What even is a cockerel?

A cockerel is a special breed of rooster, smaller and with very delicious meat, which is particularly famous for the tenderness and delicate rich taste of its meat, which is boosted by our special secret recipe.

It's organic!

The cockerel you find at our restaurant comes from the Italian Alps. They are sustainably-raised in large spaces, with mountain air and clean water, making them 100% BIO.

Each cockerel served weighs approximately 500 grams and is the perfect serving size for one person.

  • 100% Bio

    The cockerels are sustainably raised in Italian Alps.
  • Our secret recipe

    We have been working on it for years. Don't ask for it :)
  • Only one in CZ

    We are the first and only restaurant in Czech republic to bring Italian cockerel.

Exclusive concept store

Kohoutek is more than just a restaurant - it is a place where we share our passion. All items you find in our restaurant are presented for sale.

Visit our online shop (coming soon) and get your favorite piece from Kohoutek!

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Top rated restaurant

When we share a meal, more than just food and drinks are exchanged. Stories are told, connections are made, and friendships are forged.

Every dish is made with 100% authentic Italian flavors. And we make sure to give you the attention and service that you deserve, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your friends and family.


Regards Shon

Stumbled across this place, and at first was taken back by what looked like a cool restaurant but with a McDonald's restaurant ordering system by the door.

Regardless the food came in good time was delicious, and steak cook and rested perfectly. The staff were pleasant and friendly. Didn't get to stay for dessert so will be back to try.


Martin Kupka

Amazing experience, down to earth place with honest delicious food and great atmosphere. From starter through amazing main (I highly recommend getting the 3 different cockerels with grilled veggies and fries) to delicious desert. They also have good local beer (we had Vršovice 11°). Highly recommended, we will visit again! And service was amazing too!


Usman Riaz

Visit this place quite frequently, by far one of my favorite places in Prague to dine in. Exceptional service and food. Actually a pretty great place to organize some small events as well, a couple of my friends hosted their graduation parties here and everyone loved it. Last time I went here with my friends was on Christmas and they had an amazing Christmas menu. A small tip for first timers, it’s not ‘Chicken’, it’s‘ Cockerel’ :D


Michaela Zackova

It was amazing food! We ordered meat platter with chicken, sausages, beef, pork ribs with some french fries and salad. I would highlight delicious chicken and pork ribs, probably the best in Prague, we also has tiramisu which was just great! Staff was very friendly, and we will definitely come back soon!!


Tomas Tittl

A tiny bistro on the upper side of the Prague city center serves litteraly the best poultry I have ever tasted. The glazed rooster and their broth is simply the must when you come to Vinohrady.


Gonçalo Soeiro

This restaurant has a very interesting concept: when you get there you have 2 machines (eng and cz) where you can order your meal (a staff member will help you when needed). Its very easy to use and you can select the main dish, side dishes, drinks, sauces, desserts and coffee (you can even select the order they are delivered at your table!)

Kohoutek delivers!

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Eco-Friendly Deliveries: We care about the environment as much as we care about serving you delicious food. That's why we're proud to introduce our fleet of electric cars for delivery. By choosing us, you're not just satisfying your taste buds, you're also helping to reduce carbon emissions one delivery at a time.

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